Security Fibres from PETREL are regularly used by papermills which produce Security papers. Those fibres allow to clearly identify an original document against a photocopy.

Those Polyamide fibres are incorporated into the paper pulp, and are most of the time fluorescent under Ultra-Violets. PETREL is always involved in Research and Development and has international patents in this fied.

Security fibres are produce in several diameters, between 1.5 and 22Dtex (between 13.8 and 49.6µ) and in various lenghts generally comprise between 1 and 12mm.

The know-how of PETREL, in this field, has been well known since years by Central Banks and Petrel is a worldwide qualified supplier for the Security fibres used in the manufacture of papers used for the banknotes and other security documents.

Our range is constanly improved and Petrel range includes, classified by decreasing security level, the following fibres:

1 Invisible and fluo fibres
2 Security fibres chromotropic
3 Visible and fluo fibres
4 Visible and non fluo fibres