The Petrel inks are are Security inks.

The range of inks Petrel is particularly large and constantly perfected by our laboratory research and development, in conjunction with our customers and suppliers.
An important part of the activity of our laboratory is focused on the development of customized inks to meet specific needs.
This page presents Petrel inks and gives the main lines of presentation of the range, depending on their properties, that is what they are going to react and how they will increase the protection of a document, then the types of documents they are used regularly, and Direct Marketing suggestions ink to use.

The properties of inks

Reaction to heat, cold
Reaction to light
  Chromotropic inks
Visual change and photocopying
  Orange copy protection inks
Reaction with water
Reaction solvent, acid, base and bleach
Reaction to erasure
Reaction to scanner
  Readable inks
  Inactinic inks
Friction reaction
Reaction to the conductivity
Numbering reaction
Securing customization
  Toner ink adhesion
Reaction to filters

Employment Security / Brand Protection

Identity Documents
  ID Card
  Driver’s License
  Insurance certificate
  Registration certificate
Transport documents
  Bus ticket
  Train ticket
  Airline ticket
  Parking ticket
  Ticket highway
Means of payment
  Bank note
  Bank check
  Gift voucher
  Traveler’s check
  Meal voucher
  Payment card
  Show ticket
  Tax banderolle
  Ticket Lottery
  Pre-stamped envelopes
Official records
  Tax documents
  Document notaries
  Ownership certificate
Trademark protection
  Spare parts
  Alcohol and spirits
  Luxury products