Security stitching threads from PETREL are used for the stitching of passports and other security booklets and are an extremely important security element for those documents.

Due to their uses, those threads are designed in order to be mecanically extremely resistant and are heart dyed, for a very high light fastness. In comparaison to Polyester/Cotton or 100% Cotton threads, the Petrel threads present on those 2 points a fundamental improvement.

PETREL has 3 types of threads to be selected according to the caracteristics of security booklets with multiple choices of colours, not only  in the visible spectrum but also in the Ultra-Violets range.

The know-how of PETREL has been well establish since years in this field and many passports in the world are stitched with PETREL stitching threads.

Our range is constanly improved and Petrel range includes, classified by decreasing security level, the following threads:

1 Invisible and multi fluo threads
2 Visible multicoloured threads
3 Chromotropic threads
4 Invisible and fluo threads
5 Visible fluo threads
6 Visible threads